Saturday, May 1, 2010

What you've all been looking for

I realized, last night, that I haven't been posting pics of the kids this for your grandma, grandpa, memaw, auntie and uncle and anyone else who is craving pics of my kids ya go:

Samantha loves to play with her beads. And it's even better when Daddy plays along.

An artist hard at work on her favorite activity...coloring outside.

Yes, she did start out on her bed for this nap...but somehow everything ended up off her bed and she ended up half under the bed.

So she is NOT supposed to be climbing into the baby doll bed, but I still couldn't resist taking a picture...and as soon as I did, I told her not to do this again...hopefully I didn't encourage it by taking the picture!

I realize that there are NO pictures of Jacob...I looked and the last pics Ihave of him are the ones that I posted for his 4 month pictures. Oops! I promise to do better! I will work on getting some pics of him today...but for now...I'm off to pack somemore while the kids are still sleeping.