Monday, May 17, 2010

Not Me and Not My Child

Hmm....what should I start with today? Me...or Samantha. I guess I'll start with me, then I can leave you with a smile courtesy of my 2 year old.

This weekend, I would not be grouchy and snippy with my husband just because I am tired and I was frustrated with the whole moving and living apart thing. (Sorry, honey, I love you!) After all, I know that we only have 2 days together each week. There is no way I would do anything that might make those 2 days any less than they could be.

Also, I would not leave Samantha's dinner plate sitting on the table last night...with food on it...ALL NIGHT LONG. No way! I clean up the dishes immediately after they are used!

And there is no way that I would walk into the kitchen this morning to see Samantha sitting at the table. In the same chair she sat in last night. Right in front of the dinner plate that was not still on the table. And she definitely did not turn around when she heard me and tell me "Me eating mine samich again," while holding up the last bite of her PB&J sandwich. From LAST NIGHT! Hopefully PB&J doesn't get spoiled from sitting out all night.

And finally, Samantha would never ever in a million years, while helping me weed the flower beds, say "I helping in garden. 'Mantha helping A LOT!" as she threw mud up in the air which then landed on both of our heads. Oh what a helper I have!

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Apraxia Mom said...

Love the PB&J story! Thanks for making me laugh this evening!