Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Christy Needs

I know this is old, but I didn’t play along when I saw it before, and I was just thinking about it for some reason, so I decided that I will share with all of you. The deal is that you google your name followed with the word “needs” then write down your results. Some are funny, some are sad, and some hit very close to home. So here are my top results, with my own comments following each “need.”

1. Christy needs to blog. (Don’t you see that is what I am doing here?!)
2. Christy needs a new computer. (oh yes! A laptop would be nice, then I could blog in bed, or get on FB, or play a game while DH uses the desktop)
3. Christy needs another operation. (OH PLEASE NO! Unless of course, it is because I am pregnant again, because we all know that would be a C-section again, that’s the only operation I’m OK with.)
4. Christy needs help (Yep, absolutely true. And I am so glad for all the help we are getting from our family right now!)
5. Christy needs our prayers. (Always! Thank you for them!)
6. Christy needs a holiday. (ooohhh, that sounds nice!)
7. Christy needs some time in Florida to warm up. (Since I live in Texas, I don’t really need to warm up, but some time on a nice sunny beach would be lovely.)
8. Christy needs to come play in Hawaii. (I’m seeing a theme here…and I’m liking it!)
9. Christy needs someone who is a Christian and can encourage her to love God (I already have DH who fits this bill, but can always use more friends who also encourage me.)
10. Christy needs to read the Chronicles. (I don’t know what it is, but I love to read, so sounds good to me)
11. Christy needs all of her course readings in electronic format. (ummm…not so much. First of all, I’m not in school and secondly, I frequently print things just because I don’t like reading on the computer for too long.)
12. Christy needs another donut (Mmmm…sounds yummy…just let me get past this not having dairy or eggs first.)
13. Christy needs a stats lesson. (No, thank you. That was one of my LEAST favorite classes in college)
14. Christy needs and accounting tutor. (Once again, no, thank you. Numbers are not my favorite thing.)
15. Christy needs a Facebook fan page. (Awww…shucks…how sweet ;))
16. Christy needs a little more humility (hmm…seems in direct opposition to the previous one.)
17. Christy needs to get what is coming to her. (Hopefully it is because I did something nice?)
18. Christy needs to take a good hard look in the mirror. (Definitely true. I had always heard that the things that bug you most about other people are things that you also do, and I have noticed this is true…I even see it with my 2 year old. I really need to work on some things.)
19. Christy needs to take her opinions elsewhere. (Yes, I can be pretty opinionated. I do try to not hand them out ALL the time, though. Maybe I should look at working more on it.)
20. Christy needs and intervention. (I don’t think so, but if I did, I hope that someone would come through for me.)

And just for a few more grins and giggle, let's see what the rest of my family member's names come up with:
Brent needs:
1. a potty break
2. oiling (???????)
3. direction on Flickr
4. a share in Houston, TX (absolutely NOT!)
5. to be in the ProBowl
6. an F150 (umm..I don't think so...we just sold one in November...there wasn't room for the kids!)

Samantha needs:
1. to go to bed apparantly (yes, she does tend to have more fits when she is tired)
2. some hugs (YES! I love giving her hugs!)
3. some cheering up
4. your votes (well...I didn't know she was running...she seems a bit...young)
5. Facebook (once again...too young)
6. a good storyline

Jacob needs:
1. no introduction
2. a brother (or a sister...I keep trying to convine SOMEBODY about this!)
3. dating advice (once again...a little young)
4. a girl (not anytime soon!!!!)
5. a haircut (have you SEEN him? Seriously! :))
6. a hobby