Monday, May 3, 2010

Not me - packing edition

This week has been crazy, trying to get packed and ready for putting the house on the market and moving. But in spite of that craziness, there are some things that I just would not do.

For example, there is no way I would stand on the end table in Samantha's room to reach something on a shelf so that I could fill up one more box during my lunch hour. And there is no way said table would immediately collapse under me as it broke, throwing me into the wall then onto the floor, leaving the entire right side of my body with gigantic, sore bruises. Like I way. I am much smarter and more graceful than that.

And there is no way I would tell my husband that I was craving pizza, then allow him to convince me to go eat pizza for dinner, even though I know dairy causes reflux problems for Jacob.

And there is certainly no way that I would concentrate so much on packing that it is 7:20 before we bring Samantha in from the backyard to eat dinner.

Yes, it has been crazy this week, but it will get better :)