Thursday, May 27, 2010

My letter to Stampin' Up!

Dear Stampin’ Up!,

I am so unhappy with you right now. I don’t really even know how to express exactly how much. The most accurate thing I can say is that I feel betrayed.

A few years ago, when you redid the core colors, you said that would be it. That you would keep these colors and you would have the in-colors changing each year for trendiness, but that the core would remain the same. I was a demonstrator at that time and I trusted you to keep your word. I invested in ink pads in all of the core colors. I pushed myself to use colors that didn’t particularly appeal to me and found that I started to like them in new ways.

And now you have gone back on your word. You are eliminating thirty of those colors that I invested in. That is thirty colors that you told me you would keep, that will no longer be available. That is a lot of money that was spent on something that will no longer be useful. Or if I want to continue to use that investment in the future, I have to buy refills NOW. And it means that I won’t be able to match my ink to my cardstock once I run out of cardstock.

I don’t think that changing your core colors every few years is a good idea. I know that if I remain a customer, I will be unlikely to buy any colors that I don’t already absolutely love. I would be too worried that I would be unable to use it in a year or two. Or that I wouldn’t have time to grow to love it before it becomes unavailable. But at least this time you are being up front about this plan.

Yes, I am disappointed that some of my favorite colors will no longer be available. I have been disappointed over things retiring before, and I have gotten over that. That is not nearly as important as the fact that I feel I cannot trust you to keep your word.

Since the last color renovation, life interrupted and I am not currently a demonstrator. I did plan to become a demonstrator again in the future, but now I doubt that I will do so. Because I must be able to trust a company that I am going to represent. I’m not even sure that I will remain a Stampin’ Up! customer at this point.