Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5 months

Isn't our 5 month old little baby boy adorable? Can you believe he is 5 months old?!
He is such a content little guy baby. Pretty much the only time he cries is when he gets desperately hungry...or if I have to put him down in the middle of a feeding. Of course his being desperately hungry could be mere seconds after he was completely NOT interested in eating. He loves to be held, but he also wants to see what all is going on around him. He loves watching his sister and will smile and talk to her anytime she is around him.

He is definitely NOT little! I don't know his weight because, once again, he hasn't had any sick visits Whoop! and we still don't have a digital scale. BUT, I do know that he is wearing 9 month clothes, and there are quite a few of them that will just barely snap. I'm almost ready to start trying some of his 12 month clothes. And in fact, the PJs he is wearing in these pictures are 12 month! He has a very long body, but short legs, so shorts are very good for him. Winter time will probably find us rolling all of his pants in an effort to make them short enough.

Jacob is still teething, but hasn't actually cut a tooth yet. His bottom incisors are VERY close, though. He is working very hard at getting himself up on his hands and knees. So far he has made it on three but quite to all fours. And the belly doesn't come up too terribly high, but what can you is a pretty big belly...but he is definitely strong enough that he will get it without too much trouble. He does manage to scoot himself around on the floor quite a bit, especially when he is trying to get to a toy that he has knocked aside.

He grabs toys and invariably brings them to his mouth after observing them for a little while first. The other night he grabbed his pacifier, still attached to the ribbon thingie, and just held it up in the air, dangling from the ribbon, over his head and stared at it. I'm not sure if he was trying to get it into his mouth, or if he was just looking at it, but I wish I would have had the camera right there!

He loves to play with the toys attached to his car seat and will make the elephant play tunes over and over and over, but he likes the wiggly bird even more and will easily spend 30 minutes in the car pulling it down and letting it shake back up.

He has finally gotten used to his bath and even seems to enjoy them now. Pheeeww! Especially since I have to keep him in the tub for 15-20 minutes to try to help his eczema. Speaking of his does seem to be better, although his face is almost always broken out with it. Hopefully the doctor is right and it really will go away by the time he is a year...but once again, I'm not holding my breath.

He takes mostly catnaps during the fact, if he naps for a longer stretch than 30 minutes, it is fantastic!! He goes to bed between 7 and 9pm, usuallyright around 8, and sleeps until about 7am. He does wake up to eat during the night, generally one time (this has only been for about a week now) around 3 or 4 am. He starts out sleeping in his own bed, but when he wakes up to eat, I just bring him into bed with us so that we can both sleep while he eats :)

We are so grateful for another month with our sweet guy, and look forward to getting to know him and his personality even more as he grows and develops.