Friday, May 14, 2010

Can I get a do-over?

On the whole week, I mean. Because, I've got to tell has been tough. On second thought...skip the do-over, we are on the last day before Brent gets home and we have MADE IT through the first week and maybe next week will be easier. At least I hope it will be easier. It will be easier...won't it? And I don't want another first week...we have finally figured some stuff out.

Here's some of what has happened this week:

Sunday night...things go pretty smoothly, kids and I are both bathed and Samantha is actually in bed by 7:30, I think she might have actually been asleep at 8, too, but I don't really remember...I have been too sleep deprived since then and there was nothing traumatic that made me remember that night.

Monday night...first night of trying to get everything done after work. I don't get things together very well. We eat PB&J for the 2nd night in a row. Jacob screams while I am making Samantha's dinner b/c he wants to eat, too. Neither kid gets a bath. It is around 9:30 before Samantha is actually in bed asleep.

Tuesday night...I am a bit more with it. I put Jacob in the sling before I start making Samantha's dinner, so he is able to nurse while I warm up her spagetti and my chicken. Samantha eats all of her spagetti, some yogurt, some oranges...she eats very well. Yeah! We use the vidoe camera to "make a movie" for Daddy. Both kids get bathed and we start stories at 7pm. Samantha brushes her teeth AND goes potty. WOW! Things are going great...maybe this won't be such a hard thing after all. I did notice that she had 3 or 4 mosquito bites and wonder if I should put benadryl gel on them. I decide to wait until the next day to see what they look like.

We say prayers and try to call Daddy. He doesn't any of the four numbers I called. I leave messages.

At 7:40, I tell Samantha she needs to go to bed. She doesn't want to...she hasn't talked to Daddy yet. She throws a fit in her bed. She almost throws up...twice. I ask her if she is done. She nods. Then starts screaming and suddenly a volcano erupts from her mouth. Three times in a row. So much for having eaten a good dinner.

I take her to the bathroom where everything falls onto the floor. How I managed to avoid getting anything on the carpet, I will never know...but I am grateful.

I leave her in the bathroom while I strip her bed. Then I take her to my bathroom to give her a shower. Thankfully she is one of the few 2 year olds on the planet who enjoy taking a shower.

We get clean pajamas on her and I make her bed up with clean sheets. She starts to throw a fit again as I am putting her back in her bed. But Brent calls just in time, and she talks to him and then lays down with no fussing. Of course that doesn't mean she stays in bed.

I feed Jacob who is now screaming that he is hungry. He falls asleep after he eats and I put him in his bed.

Samantha is out of her bed again and tells me "Me have bad dream." I tell her that she didn't have a bad dream because she hasn't been asleep yet. I put her back in bed.

I take everything that has puke on it to the kitchen so that I can rinse everthing in the sink with the garbage disposal. I start the laundry.

I hear Samantha again and go to put her back in her bed. She tells me that she needs Jacob. I tell her that Jacob is already asleep in his bed and she needs to go to sleep, too. She finally stays in her bed and falls asleep. It is 9:40pm.

I take a shower to get the puke off of me and out of my hair now.

I still need to mop the floors in the bathroom and the kitchen. I don't want to be smelling them the next day. I have no idea where the mop was moved over the weekend. I decide I don't care and settle for picking things up with a paper towel and then using Lysol wipes to clean the floor. I finally get into bed myself at 10:20pm. My alarm will be going off at 5:30...if Jacob doesn't wake me up earlier, that is. And he 4. At least I got to stay asleep that long.

Wednesday... At the babysitter's house I notice that the spots on Samantha's legs, the ones that I saw last night and thought were mosquito bites, are actually a poison ivy, or poison oak, or poison something type of reaction. I have no idea where she got into it. Neither does the babysitter. I wonder if I should call the doctor. Because both Brent's mom and I have terrible reactions to poison ivy and require prescription stuff to get over it.

I am exhausted at work and just want to take a nap. But...I'm at work. After work I go to get the kids. Samantha cries and tells me "Don't want to home." she refuses to get in the car, so I put her in. She continues to cry and repeat "Don't want to home." All the way to our house. She does get out of the car and go to the house without any fussing. It is an improvement, a least.

She says that she wants spaghetti for dinner, so I heat up the last of it. She refuses to touch it. Her dinner consists of two...yes, count them, slices with some peanut butter, before she tells me she is done. She won't even touch the "chips" (dried veggies, that she LOVES). And she hardly drinks anything either.

Her nose starts running like crazy and I remember that I have not given her any allergy medicine for the last three nights. Brent usually takes care of that and I have forgotten. I figure that she is having allergy problems because I started having a sinus headache earlier in the day. So I give her the allergy medicine and put some Vicks Vapo rub on her chest before bed. I also put hydrocotisone on her poison ivy spots.

Neither kid gets a bath.

Samantha stalls A LOT in going to bed. She tells me that she has to go potty at least two different times. The first time, I take her. The 2nd time I tell her that she already went and now she needs to go back to bed. She crawls under her bed...and gets stuck. She sticks her feet between the mattress and the bedframe...and gets stuck. She wedges herself between the bed and the wall...and gets stuck.

I try VERY hard to stay calm. It is hard to do so. Each time I put her back in her bed, I tell her that I love her and sleep well. She replies "NO! Don't want to love you!" I tell her that I am sorry she doesn't want me to say I love her, but I love her anyway.

She finally falls asleep around 8:30 or 8:45.

I get to bed at about 9:15. Jacob wakes up to eat at 11pm. And 1am. And 4 am. What on earth happened to my baby who has been sleeping for most of the night?!

As usual, the alarm goes off at 5:30.

Thursday...Samantha wakes up on her own about 15 minutes before we need to leave the house, so I am able to get her dressed and put the hydrocortisone on her leg again, before we leave the house. I even manage to have time to put all of Jacob's lotion on him and get him dressed. How did we manage that? Don't worry, I'm not complaining...I just want to know so that we can do it again.

Samantha doesn't want to go to Mrs Nancy's house. But once we get there she is happy to see Mrs Nancy. She is even nice to least for a little while until they start competing about what is "MINE!" as they point their fingers at one another. She cheerfully tells me bye-bye and gives me kisses before I leave, then goes back to playing with her brother.

She doesn't want to leave Nancy's house when I go to pick her up. I tell her that there is somebody visiting at our house and ask her who she thinks it is. She yells "Daddy!" with a great big smile. I told her that it isn't Daddy and ask who else might come visit us. SHe doesn't answer but she does get in the car. All the way home she tells me "Don't want to see doggy." Then when the doggy she normally sees on the way home isn't visible in its yard, she gets upset. Don't ask me...I can't figure her out sometimes, either.

When we pull into our driveway, she sees the car and yells "MEMAW'S CAR!!" I tell her yes, it is Memaw's car and that Memaw has come to visit us. She runs up to the house and down the hallway to give Memaw a big hug.

Then she immediately asked to go outside. I let her and take the lid off the sandbox for her. She came in without too much trouble when I tell her to. Memaw went shopping for us and got some things that I was planning to put on my shopping list but hadn't actually written down yet. Such as strawberries and bananas. Samnatha was particularly excited about the strawberries and she ate 5 large ones with her dinner. She also ate some veggie chips and about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Not peanut butter on something...just peanut butter...straight off the spoon. At least she didn't use her fingers this time. And she did drink a lot of "juice" (about 25% apple juice and 75% water.)

I managed to get her in the bathtub but I didn't get Jacob in the bath because Samantha really needed the vapor bath. And he has to have just plain water baths because of his eczema. Her nose was stopped up and runny all at once. How on earth is that possible?! I don't know, but that's how it was. We got out of the tub and got her ready for bed, then talked to Daddy on the phone. Then we had milk and stories...although she hardly drank any milk at all. That is very unusual for her.

We had a little trouble with getting her into bed. She kept purposely getting herself stuck to avoid going to sleep. I watched her wedge herself between the bed and the wall. She worked hard to do it. And I had to work hard to get her out. I almost just moved the bed. She finally went to sleep at about 8:30pm.

Thank goodness Brent's mom was here. She held Jacob while I took care of Samantha. So I didn't have two crying kids at the same time. Thank you for being here, Mom!

Jacob fell asleep around 9, and I got into bed a few minutes after that. The he woke up again at 1am. He ate a little, and then fussed and stayed awake until 2am. I was about to start crying when he finally fell back asleep. He got up again at 4, but fell asleep again as soon as he was done eating. Pheeewww!

Friday...We'll see what happens today. Hopefully Brent will be able to make it home early enough to be here before Samantha has to go to sleep. We'll see what happens.