Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kid Sayings

Samantha woke up while I was putting clothes away in her dresser the other morning. She sat up, looked at me and said "Any snow ow-tide?" I said "No honey, it isn't cold enough for any snow." "Too warm snow?" she said. "Yes honey, it is too warm for snow."


As I was getting my stuff ready to go to work, Samantha came over and said "Key (translation, carry) me Mommy." I told her that I can hold her for a moment, but that I need to leave for work. She said "Me go work, too." I told her that I wish I could take her to work, but that it isn't allowed. So then she said, "Me go work Daddy."

I looked at her, not sure what to say because Daddy's last day of work at his old job was Friday. He will be working at home this week to pack the house before he starts his new job next week, so there is no way Samantha can stay home with him. Memaw stepped in and helped out by saying that Mommy and Daddy have rules that they have to follow just like Samantha has rules to follow and that our rules say that Samantha cannot come to work with us. Samantha didn't argue or fuss after that at all. She just snuggled me for a moment and then went to go to the potty.


Samantha was looking at a bible story book and saw a picture of David and Goliath. She pointed to Goliath and said "Big giant." Yes, baby, that is a big giant. Then she pointed to David and said "Little giant." Hmmm...


When I was leaving the babysitter's house to go to work, she said bye to me and I said bye to her. Then Maddie said bye to me. Samantha said "No! Mine Mommy!" Maddie said "Mine!" and they apparantly were arguing about whose Mommy I was...just because Maddie wanted to say bye to me...what on earth?! Yes, apparantly the rivalry is still alive and well. Sigh...