Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Brent's mom came yesterday to help with painting and cooking and she also worked on our laundry. Have I mentioned that she is fantastic?! She got here around lunch time. She did some laundry. She took a box of stuff to CCA. She did some priming and painting. She cooked dinner. She held and entertained Jacob while I gave Samantha a bath...because I don't really want to bathe them together right now when I am supposed to be keeping them apart from one another and Samantha still has new bumps coming up on her arms and legs. (More on that later.)

Then at about 1am, Mom came into my room and told me she needed to go home. She thinks she has a kidney stone again. And she was apologizing for leaving and not accomplishing more. (She had already accomplished more than I had in the entire previous week!!!) I SOOO wished that I could think of some way to help her...I wished that I could drive her to her house so that she wouldn't have to drive herself while she was in so much pain. But that wasn't possible with the kids in bed and work the next morning. I couldn't come up with any thing that I could do for her. So I asked her to call me when she got home so that I would know she is safe. She did arrive safely. I hope she is feeling MUCH better today.