Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Family Photos

I just love alliteration, don't you? I wonder though, is it still alliteration if it's the same sound, but not the same letter?

Anyway, I'm tired this I don't have much to say. That being the case, I thought I would share some old family photos with you. Can you guess who is in each picture? I will share the answers later with an update at the bottom of THIS POST (the caps were for you, Mom. There won't be a different post with the information, it will be on this same post...although, you will already know the answers, anyway)

Hmm...I just decided that I will make this a contest. I will send a small pack of handstamped cards to the person who gets the most answers correct, or the first person to get them all right. So leave me a comment with your guesses. For the people who don't know all of my family, I will give you some names to be a little more fair. Kathy (my sister), Steven (my brother), Beth (cousin), Robert (cousin), me (Christy). You have until Monday (5/31/10) evening at 9:00pm CDT to make your guesses.

The answers are: #1 - Christy, Steven and Kathy; #2 - Christy and Steven; #3 - Kathy; #4 - Steven and Kathy; #5 Christy and Beth

So NatCh, being the only guesser and correctly guessing 80%, wins the prize. I will be sending you your handmade cards later this week. :)

And Staci - I COMPLETELY agree! I saw that picture, immediately though of Samantha and it inspired me to look for more pictures to share for this post. :)


NatCh said...

Okay, since you insist -- here are my guesses:

All names listed left to right, as applicable.

Pic #1: Christy, Steven, Kathy

Pic #2: Christy, Robert

Pic #3: Kathy

Pic #4: Steven, Beth

Pic #5: Christy, Beth

Staci Williams said...

All I am going to say is that pic #2 looks totally like Samantha!