Thursday, January 28, 2010


is both children asleep at the same time. (at least for a couple of minutes)

Why you should never...

Leave a two year old alone in with yogurt while you go to gather laundry.

When I cam back in and saw her, especially her hair, I asked "What did you do, dump the container in your hair." She replied "yes" I couldn't get mad at her...after all, I am the one who left her alone. Oh well, bathtime again :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kid Speak

Lately, Samantha has been very into "hiding" under a blanket and having us look for her. Today when we were driving away from church, she told me that she was hiding and then started to pull her blanket over her head. Only she couldn't get it over her head, because it was stuck on her foot. So she said "Help, Mommy." And once I got the blanket unstuck, she pulled it over her head and asked me to look for her by calling my name.

This really tickled Brent's funny bone, that she asked me to help her hide from me and he started laughing. I started calling her name and asking where Samantha could be, but then I was distracted by Brent. So Samantha then said "I missing," from underneath the blanket. You see that is part of the game. She hides, then calls my name and I say "Where is Samantha? Where could she be? Oh no! She is missing, Daddy will be so sad," etc... So apparantly, when I stopped with the looking for Samantha monologue, she had to supply it herself. It was really quite humorous and Brent and I both got a good giggle out of it. It is most definitely fun to be her parents :)

Disclaimer: While we were experiencing it, this incident was really quite funny, however, it seems to have lost some of the funny in the telling, because in reading over it, it doesn't seem very funny to me...and I was one of the people in the car laughing about the whole thing!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Great Surprise

Kathy and Benjamin were coming to visit this past weekend since it was a 3 day weekend due to the Martin Luther King Holiday. They left in the middle of the afternoon on Friday, so were arriving not too long after dinner. Kathy called from Weatherford so that we would know approximately when they would be at our house.

Unfortunately, we started having meltdown city just before they arrived. Samantha was crying about something, I don't remember what now, I just remember that we couldn't seem to get her to calm down, and Jacob also started crying. And in the middle of that, I heard Kathy come in the front door, while I was changing Jacob's diaper. I called out to her that we were in the bedroom having a cryfest and that she should come on back. She came back and I turned around slightly to say hi, then turned back to Jacob. She said "And look who else is here" and I turned around to say hi to Benjamin, but it wasn't Benjamin standing there, it was my Grandma! I was so surprised and even got a little teary, and Grandpa was right behind her. They haven't left San Angelo in MANY years and I never expected them to come visit my house. What an awesome surprise!

We had a wonderful time with them here and the weather even cooperated to be nice and sunny on Sunday afternoon so we were able to go outside and enjoy ourselves in the front yard. Benjamin, Samantha and Kathy played with bubbles and Samantha rode the bike she got for Christmas. Grandma sat and watched and Jacob rode around in my sling, sleeping peacefully. We even put off naptime for Samantha since the weather was so nice and I have been so tired of telling her that it is too cold to go outside.

The only bad part of the who;e weekend was that they all had to go back home on Tuesday morning. Samantha wanted to get in the "van" (what Samantha calls Kathy's Trailblazer) and go with them. As they were pulling out of the driveway, I told her to wave goodbye to them...she refused to wave bye-bye. Instead she just cried "Don't want to" over and over. I couldn't help but agree...I loved the weekend, I just wish it could have been longer. I was definitely NOT ready to say good-bye and have an emptier house again :(

Apparantly, Samantha didn't quite understand that they were not coming back, though, because that afternoon, when Brent was taking out the trash, she heard the door and yelled "Benjin home!" I was so sad that that I had to tell her that Benjamin was not going to be back anytime soon, because he was on his way to his home which is far away.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kids Speak

It's so funny listening to Samnatha nd trying to figure out what she says sometimes. Last night she hurt herself running into her high chair and afte she started calming down, she wanted to read with us. She kept asking for the "paci book" Brent and I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about, so we asked her to go get the book to show us. She came out with a book called "The Story of Passover" So then I tried to get her to say Passover by saying it one syllable at a time and asking her to repeat it. She ended up saying "paci over" At least we know what the paci book is now :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Already a Month

I can hardly believe it's already been a month since Jacob was born. We don't do much latelt, we mostly stay home and get used to being a family of four, one of whom is a hungry newborn, but we have had a lot happen anyway. In the last month, we have had our first pictures taken as a family of four, had Jacob's first Christmas and New Years, had Samantha's second birthday, and we even took our first road trip - to Clifton for Brent's mom's surprise birthday party. Jacob is a big little guy (He now weighs 11 lbs 10 oz!) and is hungry all the time. Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is feed him...but it is good for him and I know that there will be a time when I wish that all I had to do is nurse him and that would make his world all better. So far it seems that we may have avoided reflux with Jacob...hopefully that doesn't change. He usually takes one or two good naps in the morning, then nurses almost constantly all afternoon. He has slept 2 nights for 7 hours and one for 6.5 hours, but that was at 2 weeks and he hasn't done it again since then, he seems to like eating too much! There isn't much else to say at a month...that will change all to soon I am sure!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2 years of Samantha

I can hardly believe that it has been 2 years since I was telling Dr Levy, "NO! It is too soon to be having the baby!" but Samantha is now 2 years old. She is such a cutie, but still so teeny tiny, at least in weight. She is ON the growth chart now, though. She weighs 23 lbs 8 oz and is 34.5 inches tall. It looks like I will STILL be the only person in family under 5'8" once my children are grown.

She says over 180 words and adds several more per day to her repetoire. We definitely have to watch what we say around her, because we are sure to hear it repeated back to us. Samantha loves music, dancing and going outside. She also adores her baby brother and her Daddy. She is a little daredevil and loves going down slides that are really made for kids much older than her. Elmo is currently her favorite toy behind lambie (or Mambie as she says.) In fact, in the last month or so, her saying Mambie has reminded me of a saying that I knew growing up and I have started saying it to her when she says Mambie. It is "Lambie, oh lambie, come home from Alabamy, put on those eggs and hammy, Lambie" The original is Mamie, but I changed it to suit us. Samantha thinks it is hilarious, and will say "again" or "one time" (for one more time) each time I do it. When I finally get tired of repeating myself, and tell her that I won't say it anymore, she says to herself "Mambie...come home!" and starts giggling.

She knows the names for everyone in our families and will say their names when she sees pictures of them, and she adores playing with her big cousins. I think that she thinks their only purpose in life is to play with her.

Samantha is a little overwhelmed by crowds and noise still. In fact, even though her birthday party was only with Lezley, Hannah, Ava and part of our family, she still went to hide behind the chair in her room to read a book in a quiet spot for part if the time during the party. I even had to convince her to come out and open her presents! She also tells us "noisy" quite frequently, especially if the neighbors car alarm goes off, when the trash truck comes by, when she hears sirens and when she hears an airplane.

She sings Twinkle Twinkle with almost all of the words by herself. She sings several other songs, including, "Row row row your boat", "God made Mommys..." and she does all the signs for "Big round sun" as she sings along. She loves going to her Bible class and will ask several times through the week to go to church. She also asks to pray fairly frequently.

She and her Daddy have recently started a new joke. Samantha will say "hey!" Brent says "Hay is for horses" and Samantha replies "neigh" then starts laughing. It is so cute!

Samantha has started feeding her dolls from her belly button after seeing me nurse Jacob. She will say "Baby hungry, eat tummy" then lift up her shirt to nurse the baby. She has seen me pump twice, and so now she will point at the breast pump and says "Samantha pump" to ask to be able to use it like I do. Every time I tell her, "No, only mommies pump." That satisfies her until the next day, when she asks again.

Samantha is very opinionated and objects quite strongly when she doesn't like what she has said. Luckily, her tantrums generally only last a few minutes and then she is a happy kid again. Samantha is a fun, funny little monkey princess and we are so happy she is our daughter.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Naptime Fashion

Samantha received a musical princess skirt from Aunt Lezley from her birthday and she absolutely LOVES wearing it all the time. Getting it off of her can often be a chore, so the last couple of days, I just let her wear it to take her nap rather than fight about it. In the first picture, she was wearing sunglasses and the just can't see the skirt since she is under the covers.

Thankfully the skirt pays a fairly quiet and calm melody. We love the present Aunt Lezley! :)