Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Great Surprise

Kathy and Benjamin were coming to visit this past weekend since it was a 3 day weekend due to the Martin Luther King Holiday. They left in the middle of the afternoon on Friday, so were arriving not too long after dinner. Kathy called from Weatherford so that we would know approximately when they would be at our house.

Unfortunately, we started having meltdown city just before they arrived. Samantha was crying about something, I don't remember what now, I just remember that we couldn't seem to get her to calm down, and Jacob also started crying. And in the middle of that, I heard Kathy come in the front door, while I was changing Jacob's diaper. I called out to her that we were in the bedroom having a cryfest and that she should come on back. She came back and I turned around slightly to say hi, then turned back to Jacob. She said "And look who else is here" and I turned around to say hi to Benjamin, but it wasn't Benjamin standing there, it was my Grandma! I was so surprised and even got a little teary, and Grandpa was right behind her. They haven't left San Angelo in MANY years and I never expected them to come visit my house. What an awesome surprise!

We had a wonderful time with them here and the weather even cooperated to be nice and sunny on Sunday afternoon so we were able to go outside and enjoy ourselves in the front yard. Benjamin, Samantha and Kathy played with bubbles and Samantha rode the bike she got for Christmas. Grandma sat and watched and Jacob rode around in my sling, sleeping peacefully. We even put off naptime for Samantha since the weather was so nice and I have been so tired of telling her that it is too cold to go outside.

The only bad part of the who;e weekend was that they all had to go back home on Tuesday morning. Samantha wanted to get in the "van" (what Samantha calls Kathy's Trailblazer) and go with them. As they were pulling out of the driveway, I told her to wave goodbye to them...she refused to wave bye-bye. Instead she just cried "Don't want to" over and over. I couldn't help but agree...I loved the weekend, I just wish it could have been longer. I was definitely NOT ready to say good-bye and have an emptier house again :(

Apparantly, Samantha didn't quite understand that they were not coming back, though, because that afternoon, when Brent was taking out the trash, she heard the door and yelled "Benjin home!" I was so sad that that I had to tell her that Benjamin was not going to be back anytime soon, because he was on his way to his home which is far away.