Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kid Speak

Lately, Samantha has been very into "hiding" under a blanket and having us look for her. Today when we were driving away from church, she told me that she was hiding and then started to pull her blanket over her head. Only she couldn't get it over her head, because it was stuck on her foot. So she said "Help, Mommy." And once I got the blanket unstuck, she pulled it over her head and asked me to look for her by calling my name.

This really tickled Brent's funny bone, that she asked me to help her hide from me and he started laughing. I started calling her name and asking where Samantha could be, but then I was distracted by Brent. So Samantha then said "I missing," from underneath the blanket. You see that is part of the game. She hides, then calls my name and I say "Where is Samantha? Where could she be? Oh no! She is missing, Daddy will be so sad," etc... So apparantly, when I stopped with the looking for Samantha monologue, she had to supply it herself. It was really quite humorous and Brent and I both got a good giggle out of it. It is most definitely fun to be her parents :)

Disclaimer: While we were experiencing it, this incident was really quite funny, however, it seems to have lost some of the funny in the telling, because in reading over it, it doesn't seem very funny to me...and I was one of the people in the car laughing about the whole thing!


NatCh said...

It may not be as funny as it was at the time, but it's still good for a giggle here. :)