Monday, January 11, 2010

Already a Month

I can hardly believe it's already been a month since Jacob was born. We don't do much latelt, we mostly stay home and get used to being a family of four, one of whom is a hungry newborn, but we have had a lot happen anyway. In the last month, we have had our first pictures taken as a family of four, had Jacob's first Christmas and New Years, had Samantha's second birthday, and we even took our first road trip - to Clifton for Brent's mom's surprise birthday party. Jacob is a big little guy (He now weighs 11 lbs 10 oz!) and is hungry all the time. Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is feed him...but it is good for him and I know that there will be a time when I wish that all I had to do is nurse him and that would make his world all better. So far it seems that we may have avoided reflux with Jacob...hopefully that doesn't change. He usually takes one or two good naps in the morning, then nurses almost constantly all afternoon. He has slept 2 nights for 7 hours and one for 6.5 hours, but that was at 2 weeks and he hasn't done it again since then, he seems to like eating too much! There isn't much else to say at a month...that will change all to soon I am sure!