Friday, April 16, 2010

To Wash or Not To Wash

So, I'm seriously considering cloth diapers.

Before kids I always said that I would use cloth if I was staying home with the kids, and since I'm not staying home, we just went straight to disposable. But now I am really thinking about cloth even though I'm still not at home with the kids.

My thinking along these lines started because we are having SOOOO much FUN with potty training. (Yes, that was completely sarcastic!) I tried training pants (the cloth, thick underwear type), and that was not nearly enough. But I know the diapers are much more absorbant AND there would be a waterproof cover over it. And Samantha would feel the wetness and yuckiness a lot more than she does with her diaper.

And also, in looking at cloth sizes, I would be able to use the same size for Jacob, and he would probably be in that size until he is at least a year old.

Of course, then there is more laundry to do. But I've been reading about wet bags and it seems that would make washing a lot easier by keeping diapers in them until wash day.

Brent isn't so sure about the whole idea, especially about changing cloth diapers. But he hasn't seen the new covers, that pretty much look like they would work like a disposable. And he hasn't seen the shaped diapers with elastic at the legs.

Our babysitter said that she would be fine with it, as long as we are also using them at home (for consistency).

So what do you think?
Have you used cloth? Do you like or dislike the idea? Leave me a comment to help the debate in our house.


daddyO and honey said...

hey, have you talked with alison about cloth diapers??

Khristy said...

I used cloth diapers with Caitlin. They're easy to use and keep the babies dry. I was as happy with them as I was with disposable in terms of using them. But I didn't wash them. I used a diaper svc. They picked up the dirty ones and delivered a clean batch. I would've done it with the boys also, but they didn't have a diaper svc in the south of the Metroplex then.

As for them as an aid to potty training, I'm not convinced. Some kids aren't bothered by the feelings of wet/dirty diapers--she may be one of them.

I guess what I'm saying is that I like cloth diapers, but I wouldn't use them just to potty train.

The only thing that ever worked for me in terms of potty training was I bought 20 sm gifts and wrapped them in wrapping paper. Every time Cate had a BM in the toilet, she got to pick out a present (we'd already conquered pee in the potty). She never had another accident once we did that. We did sm pressies for a week and then once she had a successful week, she got to go pick out one bigger item at the store. We only had to do it for one week. She accepted it was a short term deal.