Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today (well actually every day, but I am telling you today) I am extremely grateful for our family. They are so good about taking care of us.

This past weekend, our brother-in-law came up solely to help get some projects done at the house that we need to have done to put the house on the market. What's that? You didn't know we are moving? Well, yes, we are. I will give you all the details in another post in the next few days. Anyway, back to Dave...he also made his trip home nearly twice as long by taking a trailer load of stuff to Brent's parents house before he went on to his house. And his wife agreed to be by herself with three kids, one of whom is a 2 month old, for the weekend while he came to help us.

Last Wednesday, Brent's mom came to drop off the trailer and boxes. She originally planned to stay for only a day, but then decided she would rather spend the night in the middle. And while she was here, she did ALL of our laundry and stayed up much later than we did to keep packing boxes. This is also the same woman who came up EVERY SINGLE week of the last 7 weeks of my pregnancy with Jacob to do things like laundry and cooking that my doctor told me I couldn't do. Then yesterday, she made the 2.5 hour trip just to bring a load of boxes to us and then turned around and drove home.

My parents have also offered to come help...I am just hoping that we will be done with everything before school is out, which is when they would be available due to my mom's job.

These people have helped us in countless ways over the years...they sacrifice their time to take care of what we need from home repair to babysitting...and I am incredibly grateful.

I just can't imagine having to make it on our own without them. I don't know how other people manage when their families aren't involved. And I am so incredibly grateful for ours.