Monday, April 26, 2010


Today is Not Me Monday, but I don't really feel like Not-Me-ing, so I am just confessing flat out. Here we go:

I always said I would never call my daughter princess. In fact, before I had kids, I would hear people call their daughter princess and think "Don't call her princess. You are going to make her prissy" But then I had Samantha...and I started calling her princess from very early on. And I call her princess at least twice every day, usually much more than that. You have even heard me call her princess here on this blog.

So now I work to remind her that she is a princess because she is a daughter of the King, and as she grows I will work to instill in her the kindness, graciousness, humility, generosity and love that she should show as His princess daughter. And hopefully she won't be prissy ;)


The only thing that keeps me from eating Samantha's chocolate Easter bunny right now is that it has milk in it.

I put Samantha in lots of pink and she has quite the bow collection. This is in spite of the fact that I said I wouldn't do either. But with her short hair, she needs the pink so that she doesn't get called a boy by random people every day. And the bows are just SO CUTE on her. Not quite as cute as hats...but still very cute.
I really don't like it when Samantha says "Thanks" rather than "Thank you." I'm not really sure just sounds nicer to me. So I correct her on it fairly frequently. I really had no idea where she got the "Thanks" from. Then one day, mere seconds after I corrected her, I heard myself say "Thanks, honey" to Brent. Yep, I am where she picked it up...and it turns out that I say it ALL THE TIME. I am working on it now.

You can see what everone else is confessing and/or not-me-ing here.


Travis said...

I call both my girls Princess. My oldest is far from the "prissy girly princess" She is all tomboy and sadly we have to remind her to use deodorant. The younger one, well I don't know but from the moment she was conceived it was like she had everyone wrapped around her fingers. I prefer to call her mama but she fits the princess role very well.

Hope this week is good week of cutting out "thanks".