Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's All About the Timing

Do you remember this post? It was nearly 2 years ago, and we were disappointed that a job we were sure Brent was about to get didn't happen.

In the middle of May that year, Samantha's first babysitter had to go back to work and we had to start looking for a new babysitter. We looked at me staying home and giving up the hope of another baby, but when we re-evaluated our budget, we realized that with the perpetual salary freeze at Brent's job, and prices of everything going sky-high, we could not make it on only Brent's salary. So he started job hunting.

He called a company in the town where his parents live and spoke to the general manager. The GM did not currently have any openings, but he was excited to hear from Brent. He has been considering creating a new position and thought that Brent would be just perfect for it. He just had to run it by the owner of the company and said that he would call back after the owner was back from vacation.

We were certain that this would happen. Brent's mom and sister started looking for houses for us one weekend. For that matter, Brent and I started looking as well. We just looked on the internet rather than in person. We were so excited about the possibility. No, actually, we didn't think it was a possibility...we were certain this was going to happen.

Then a few weeks later, we heard back. The owner said no. We were so incredibly disappointed. And we went on with our search for childcare for Samantha. She stayed with Lezley for a little while, then she stayed with our next door neighbor for most of the summer (until they moved away from us!) And then we found Mrs Nancy. And Samantha has been with her since August 2008...nearly 2 years. And Samantha loves Mrs. Nancy, and she loves her friends.

I kept on working, and since I was still working, we decided that we would go ahead and do the whole in vitro process again. We did still have the insurance to cover it (since it was through my job) and we really didn't want Samantha to grow up without at least one sibling. So in November 2008, I started seeing my RE again.

In March I did all the medications, egg harvesting, and embryo transfer. On April 10, 2009, Good Friday, we told Brent's family that we were having another baby. We told my family the next day. And Jacob was born on December 11, 2009.

Then at the beginning of this month, Brent woke me up, at 5am, by saying, "Christy, DB (the GM's initials) emailed me and wants me to call him." It is amazing how quickly, mere seconds is all it took, that we got our hopes up again. Brent called after work that afternoon and they set up an interview for 4/16/10.

Could it really happen this time? We were excited, yet still somewhat cautious. I was able to clear my schedule for that afternoon so we all left on Thursday evening to go spend the weekend with Brent's parents. The interview was at 9am. We (Mom, Dad and I) still hadn't heard from Brent at 11am, and we were saying things like "Surely it is good news that it is taking so long." We really wanted to hear, though!!

And Brent was offered the job. And it is just a little over the amount we had to have in order for me to stay home. And we are so grateful. I will get to stay home with my babies!

I realized the other day that if Brent had gotten this job 2 years ago, there would be no Jacob, because there is no infertility coverage in the new insurance. It's all about the timing. It is perfect.

And a little more of perfect timing. Brent's insurance ends on his last day of employment. Which is this Friday, April 30. My job only adds new coverage on the first of the month. So by getting everything turned in this week, we are able to transition the kids insurance coverage to begin May 1. That's right...there is NO GAP in their coverage at all.

Then, my insurance ends on the last day of the month in which I have worked any days. My last day of work is June 3, so we have coverage until June 30. And Brent's new insurance begins on July 1. Once again, there is NOT A SINGLE DAY of no insurance coverage. What incredible, perfect timing.


Collin said...

Praise God! We have been learning new lessons on waiting for God and HIS timing. He's got better rhythm than we do, so why don't we trust him more!

By the way, I love small towns (~400 people in the hometown, 8K in the school town 7 miles away...) and Marisa is even seeing the benefits now that we live in one temporarily over here. We wish you the best! God will provide.