Saturday, April 24, 2010

Her Education

Samantha "helped" me one day while I was giving Jacob a bath. (Translation: I let her use a very small cup to pour water on him as long as she didn't put the water any higher than his belly button. It kept her happy and saying "I helping" and it kept Jacob from being drowned by his over zealous sister.)

After a little while she pointed to his p**** and asked "What that?"
(Note: Hopefully the asterisks aren't too obnoxious, but I didn't want someone googling those terms to find my blog, so all words that I wouldn't want a search to find have astericks in this post.)

I took a deep breath - I don't really want to start talking about the differences between boys and girls yet - but I need to be truthful with my child. So I told her. "That's his p****. Boys have a p**** and that is where they go peepee. Girls have a v***** where they go peepee."

Then she wanted to touch his p****. I told her no. I said that we only touch his p**** to clean it. And we only touch her v***** to clean it because those parts are private. Then I thought a little more and told her that if anyone ever touches her there, she needs to tell Mommy or Daddy. She said okay.

Wow...I didn't think that we would already be talking about things like this. And it makes me sad...and a little scared...that we live in a world in which my child really does NEED the knowledge that she must tell Mommy or Daddy if someoen touches her private parts. I wish the innocence could always be there and not be vulnerable to evil.

A few days after this bathtub conversation occurred, we were in the car and Samantha said, "Mantha have p****" I told her no, Samantha is a girl. And girls have a v*****, not a p****. She replied, "Mantha want p****." Brent and I nearly died trying not to laugh out loud.

And then a little while after that, she walked into the bathroom when I was getting out of the shower and getting dressed. She looked at me as I was putting my bra on, pointed to my chest and said "That your p****?" Once again, supreme effort not to laugh as I explained again that girls don't have one and what the proper name for a lady's chest is.

And she is only