Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Very Very Bad

Brent had to stay home with the kids yesterday since the babysitter had jury duty. He was very nervous about it, but I knew he would be fine. After all, the first time he kept Samantha by himself, he said "I hope she survives." And then they proceeded to have a great day. And I was sure that it would be the same with both kids. Last night he did tell me that it wasn't as hard as he expected. And he did manage to get dishes done and most of the house vacuumed.

When I came home for lunch, Samantha came running to the door to meet me. And Brent came to the kitchen and said "Look what she did," and pointed at the kitchen floor. There were blue crayon scribbles all over. He told me that she had also colored in one of her books.

Then he said "Samantha, come here." He pointed at the floor and asked "What is this?" She answered, "Very, very bad." (Actually it was more like "vewa vewa bad" and she was so cute about it, I had to MAKE myself not smile!) He said, "That's right. Where do we color?" She answered "On paper," and he again said, "That's right." Hopefully she remembers this the next time she is alone in a room with her crayons. (Or maybe we will be smart enough not to leave her alone in a room with her crayons!) And thank goodness for washable crayons! The crayon even came off of the pages of the board book she colored in! :)


Collin and Marisa said...

At least she knew she wasn't supposed to color on the floor and in your book. How cute, I bet Collin would have a hard time not smiling if our child did that while he was gone.