Monday, March 29, 2010

The Dragon in My Closet

I didn't know it before, but apparently there is a dragon who lives in my house, or maybe in my closet. Samantha hasn't been super clear on where the dragon is, but she has definitely been telling me that there is a dragon.

She goes running into the my closet from various places in the house saying "Better hide dragon!" She giggles like crazy and buries herself behind the clothes in my closet. The first time she did this, she didn't say anything before she hid. And she hid so well that I thought I was mistaken on where she went. I left the closet to go look for her elsewhere. I couldn't find her, so I called her name. She answered, "I hiding dragon, Mommy," in a muffled voice that came from my closet. So I went back and found her.

The she told me "Better hide. Dragon eat toes," and she proceeded to pull her feet back into the closet so that her toes were also hidden. She asked me to take her picture, but would not show me her face enough to get a clear picture, because she was too busy hiding. I did get a picture of her hidden toes, though.

I'm really not sure where the idea of the dragon came from. But maybe it came from here.

And maybe this is how she knows that the dragon eats toes.

If this is the dragon...I think he's an awfully cute one :)