Friday, March 19, 2010


So, with the whole Jacob most likely has a milk allergy thing, I have decided that I need to do a bit of research. And I can't find anything about where we are right now.

I'm trying to find information on an exclusively breastfed baby with food allergies. How much goes into my milk? How strict does my diet need to be? What are the odds that we will still be dealing with this in 3 months when we start solids? What kind of game plan to we need to have for starting solids? When do we need to see about getting him tested for allergies?

And I'm coming up with a big, fat NOTHING. I have found lots of information on food allergies and kids. I have found lots of recipes. (And once I start trying those, I will start sharing them for those who are interested) I have found food lists and restaraunt lists. But when I search babies, food allergies and breastfeeding, the only thing that comes up with all 3 terms is an article about how breastfeeding helps to reduce the incidence of food allergies. UGH!! This is so frustrating!

I am extremely grateful to my friends who have traveled and are travelling the food allergy path. They have given me lots of information. Lots of information that I sincerely hope I will never need. Because I am really hoping that if Jacob does indeed have food allergies, he will outgrow them. But if he doesn't, I do have resources.

But how do I learn about now?