Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More on the Boy

Do you remember me talking about Benjamin getting staples in his head? (If not, read this post first.) Well, my sister called me yesterday with an update.

They had his staples removed on Saturday at the hospital. All 8 of them.
On Saturday night Benjamin asked if he still had a staple in his head. Kathy told him no. That it might just feel like it because of the one spot that still wasn't all the way healed. He said OK and went on his merry way.

On Monday morning, while they were getting ready for school and work, Kathy happened to be the one who dried Benjamin's hair with the hair dryer. And when she did, his hair blew just the right way and she saw a 9th staple. That they didn't know he even had to begin with. Still in his head.

On the way back from the doctor's office, with ALL staples now removed from his head, Benjamin told Kathy, "Mom, I'm going back under that tree." She said "WHAT?!" He told her that he didn't say he is going to run under the tree again, but he wants to check it out. He did add that he makes no guarantees that he won't have to get more staples.

I am definitely getting that book. Hopefully before Jacob is even mobile.