Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So today, yes today, almost exactly THREE months after Christmas, I found myself realizing that we didn't have the kids picture taken with Santa. The one year that we could pretty much guarantee that Jacob wouldn't cry about it. And it didn't even cross my mind to do that. For his first Christmas.

Why exactly was I thinking about this today? I'm not entirely sure. But I think it may have started with bluebonnets.

Bluebonnets?! That has nothing to do with Christmas!

Yes I know, but bear with me and I think I can logically explain.

So I was thinking about spring coming and wondering if we will have bluebonnets near us this year. I definitely need to get the kids pictures in the bluebonnets. There were TONS of gorgeous stands on the side of the highway last year. No way was I about to have my baby on the side of the highway to take a picture! But I couldn't find any bluebonnets other than those, so there were no pictures of Samantha in the bluebonnets. I don't think I got them her first spring, either.

I know, I'm falling down on the mom job here. So I REALLY need to get those pictures this year. I am trying to figure out what I will have them wear for those pictures. And hopefully I will find some bluebonnets this year. That are in a SAFE place to take pictures of small children.

So anyway...thinking of bluebonnets made me think of my in-laws place. Where we will be going for Easter (which is in 1.5 weeks and at which time, I will FINALLY get to meet my new niece!!) Thoughts of Easter led to thoughts of the Easter bunny and what he might be putting in the kids Easter baskets.

And I guess that thoughts of Easter led to other holidays, because then I suddenly realized that there were no Santa pictures this year. How could I have let that happen?! Oh yeah. I had a baby two weeks before Christmas. And I was on restricted activity before that. And I was flat out exhausted even if the doctor hadn't told me to be taking it easy.

But still...I don't have Santa pictures. And I can pretty much guarantee that any pictures next Christmas will be screaming ones. If we can even convince Jacob to go to Santa in the first place. We'll see about Samantha.


This afternoon I found myself singing (in my head) "Just another manic Monday" Yeah, I know. It's not Monday. And I have no idea when I last heard that song. It's been a REALLY long time. I don't know why I was singing it in my head today, I just was. Of course, it helped that I really did have a lot going on at work least the song fit the day partially.
Did I mention that I get to meet my new niece in a week and a half? Yep, I am excited :D But I have not finished her baby blanket yet...she's the first niece or nephew who hasn't had a blanket from me by the time he/she was born. And now she is 4.5 weeks old. She will be 6 weeks when I see her. And I probably still won't have her blanket finished :( I'm going to crochet like crazy in the car, all the way to meet her, though...and maybe...just maybe...I will get it finished. But I still get to meet her, no matter what. And we get to spend three days with our family :)