Thursday, March 11, 2010

3 months of Jacob

How can it be that our sweet boy is already 3 months old? Of course he is big enough that he looks more like a 6 months old! :) In fact he is wearing 6 month clothes and this morning I almost couldn't get his outfit snapped at the crotch. We may be moving up another size soon. His body is really long...but his legs, not so much. He outgrows the body part of his clothes but we still have to roll his pants a little. I'm not sure how much Jacob weighs now because we haven't had to go to the doctor for ANY sick visits. WOOHOO! My guess is that he is about 17 pounds, though. (Maybe I should invest in a digital scale so I can actually see how much he does weigh) My arms definitely get tired after carrying him for a while. Yet another reason that I LOVE MY SLING :) Jacob has adjusted to the sling as well and no longer fusses when I put him in it. His eyes are still blue and I am starting to wonder if they may stay blue after all.

He smiles for Mrs Nancy every morning when I give him to her, and he has adjusted to drinking a bottle a lot more. Most days he drinks 12-15 ounces at her house, but he definitely prefers nursing to drinking a bottle and evenings and weekends are bottle free times :) That makes me happy :)

He talks to us lots, especially in the morning and right when we are trying to go to bed. He hardly ever cries except when he is hungry or very tired and ready to go to sleep. I'm so grateful for another happy baby.

Jacob doesn't really have a schedule yet, and he still isn't a great sleeper. Most days he takes little catnaps throughout the day and he has a very hard time putting himself to sleep. Hence the crying when he is tired.

He is such a strong boy and holds his head and chest up for long periods of time and although I wouldn't say that he loves his tummy time, he definitely doesn't mind it. He has rolled over from tummy to back several times, but doesn't feel the need to do so very often.

I love watching Jacob interact with Samantha. He will just watch her and then start talking to her. She gets so excited about him talking to her and will tell us "He talking you!"

We are still waiting to hear his sweet laugh, but we get smiles all the time. Other than his eczema, he hasn't had any problems. We are so grateful for having an easy baby...ESPECIALLY after all the challenges we had with Samantha.

Once more we are grateful for another month with our sweet baby boy.