Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

One of the bloggers that I read, MckMama, started a “Not Me Monday” and weekly invites others to join her in confessing those things that one certainly would never do. And this week she is doing a giveaway in association with it. So I decided that I would join in.

This week has had lots of situations pop up. For example, I would never be tempted to take my toddler’s picture when she got herself stuck under her bed rather than going to sleep in her bed and was hollering “Stuck, Mommy!” (Notice I said tempted. I really did just get her out!)

And I would never allow myself to fall asleep when I could hear that the same toddler was up and about it her room rather than taking a nap. And there is no way that said toddler would manage to completely ransack her room by getting every toy out and every book off the shelf, all while her Mommy was snoozing away.
And I would never be tempted to do nothing simply because she was standing at the gate in her doorway calling for Daddy (who was in the living room) even though I was in the bedroom, right next to her room. (Once again…notice the word tempted. That means I thought about it, but did not act on that thought!)

I would never cave by going to pick her up when she was crying in her room, once again at the gate, saying, “Don’t want night night. Want sleep MommyDaddy bed.” And when she then cried for Daddy, I would certainly NOT bring her to Daddy in our bed simply because I was too tired to deal with anything else. (This story may be coming in full in the future.)

And finally, I would never say “Thanks, Honey,” to my husband mere seconds after telling my toddler that we say “Thank you” not “Thanks.”

Nope, couldn’t have been me. Must have been my twin posing as me. What’s that? I don’t have a twin? Oh. I guess I’ve been found out. :)