Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Living on Borrowed...

Internet. That's right, we don't have our own internet in the country yet, so that's why you haven't heard from me in so long. I think I may go into withdrawl soon ;) We are checking out what options we have and will make a decision tonight, so hopefully we will have internet again very soon.

We do, however, have cell phone service now that we changed providers, so feel free to call me if you have my number (it is still the same as before, but Brent has a new number, so call me if you need to get his.)

And for a quick note on my surgery...I got the pathology report from my doctor last week and it turned out to not be a tumor at all. It was a fibromitosis (not entirely sure of that spelling) basically a fibrous mass of tissue. So that means...completely benign. Yahoo!!! Thank you for your prayers, I know that helped a lot with my peace of mind. The funny thing about it (or maybe not so funny...I don't know) is that the doctore said that this is relatively rare. In fact...he has never seen one before. HA! How many times will I hear a doctor say about something to do with me "I have never seen that before"? It's crazy I tell you. The only thing about this mass is that is has a high incidence of recurrence, so I have to do monthly abdominal checks on myself and call a doctor if I feel anything at all. I will see a doctor in 6 months and then have a CT scan in a year and have yearly scans for 3 years, checking to see if it has come back. Hopefully it won't, but at least I know to see a doctor right away if I feel anything at all.

Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers...and hopefully you will be hearing from me again soon :)


NatCh said...

Great news, Chris! I'm pleased for y'all that it turned out so well. :)