Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday's Child

Samantha's hair is just long enough that it gets into her face all the time. She doesn't usually want to leave a bow in for more than an hour or so, but she did consent to let me put a ponytail in. The first time, she took it out after about 5 minutes. The second time, she left it in all afternoon though. And she has continued to let me giver her a ponytail each day so far. We'll see if it lasts. Doesn't she look cute with her little "Pebbles" do? And what a sweet picture of her with her daddy. It just makes me smile.

Samantha came crawling down the hall like this and said "Me a turtle." I said, "Yes you are, aren't you."

On Saturday, we couldn't find Lambie when it was time for Samantha's nap. After she and I both searched high and low, I finally got the spare lambie out of my closet and gave it to her. I figured that I would find the other one while she was sleeping and get it put away before she woke up. I didn't find it. And I don't know where it was, but Samantha came into the living room after her nap and told Brent "Me have both lambies!" She was smiling big time and had lots of fun playing with both lambies for the rest of the afternoon and even insisted that Lambie and "Other Lambie" both needed to come in the car with us.
While she was pre-occupied with visiting with our friends and playing in the dirt at the lake, Brent moved one of the lambies to the front floorboard with some other things on top of it. The plan was to see if she would forget about the second one while she was distracted and it was out of sight. She didn't say anything at all. Until we got back home, that is. Brent gave her Lambie to go to bed and she asked for the other Lambie. He told her that she didn't need it and she said OK and went to bed. She hasn't asked for it again...maybe she has forgotten that there are two? (Crossing my fingers!)

Sleeping in the car on the way home from church after a VERY busy weekend.