Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Update

I realize my blogging has been lacking this week and I apologize. It will probably remain a little on the slow side for another week or so. Should you need to hear my excuses, here they are.

First, we (mostly) moved to the country last weekend and our computer is still at our old house. It will be going with us this weekend. However, we don't have internet in the country yet, so to post anything, I will still have to go to another family member's house to use their computer/internet.

Secondly, we came back to the city on Tuesday evening for me to have surgery on Wednesday. There was a lump in my lower abdomen, and my doctor was pretty sure it was an endometrioma, or possibly a hernia. He said that we really did need to take care of it before I moved completely, so less than a week after I met this doctor, he performed surgery on me.

It was scheduled to be a day surgery. Just in and out, no problems anticipated. What we expected to be golfball sized turned out to be as big as my doctor's fist and he now believes that it is a desmoid tumor...a benign tumor that has a high incidence of recurrence. And apparently it is very fast growing because this was only a hard spot whenI first noticed it and asked my OB/GYN about it 4 months ago. We should have the pathology reports on Wednesday at my post op appointment.

Because things are never simple with me, I got to be admitted for an overnight stay at the hospital rather than coming home on Wednesday evening. It wasn't a big deal, just that I wasn't coming out of the effects of anesthesia fast enough. I was released in the late afternoon on Thursday and I was very happy to be home with my family.

The next week and a half or so will be crazy busy with going back and forth between the new house and the old house and getting several more doctor's appointments squeezed in for me and the kids. So even if we do get our internet up and running, I still expect that I won't be posting a whole lot for the next week or two. I will post when I can, I just don't anticipate it being frequent.

Don't worry, though, I will still take pictures of my adorable kids and will write down the fun things that happen so that I can share everything with you once things are going a little more in the normal direction.

Before I leave you, though, I want to share something about Samantha from while I was in the hospital.

When I didn't get to come home on Wednesday evening, or even Thursday morning, Brent explained to her that I was still at the hospital because I was sick and the doctor was helping me to get better. She seemed to accept this quite well, and didn't get upset. But then she told Brent "My leg hurt. Need go hospital." Aawww...what a cutie and so smart, too :)