Monday, June 14, 2010

Not Me Monday - Nightmares, Bugs and Dirt

I did not find a green ladybug, alive and moving around, INSIDE my daughter's diaper while I was changing her.

I did not find a fly INSIDE my refrigerator when I opened it to get Jacob's milk.
Samantha did not tell me "I sleep here" (on the floor at the foot of her bed where she had thrown all her blankets) and I did not say OK. And if I had said OK, she would not have immediately snuggled down and gone to sleep faster than she does when she is actually ON her bed.

I did not go into Samantha's room prepared to take away the musical toy she was playing with when she was supposed to be sleeping, only to find my sweet child sound asleep and hear music from the ice cream truck coming through the window.

I did not carry Samantha into my room at 2 am, because she had a nightmare and was all stopped up (told me "Mine nose hurt") and asked me to sit in the chair with her, but I was too tired and convinced her to come to my room instead.

I did not find myself saying "We do NOT stick our crayons in our nose!" several times over the last few days.

And the grand finale...I did not allow my 2 year old to sit in the flower bed and play in the dirt while we packed and loaded up the trailers. She did not rain dirt down on her entire body by throwing it up in the air over her head and get completely covered with dirt. I did not take her clothes off her while we were still outside, then turn around to say something, look back at her and see her putting dirt inside her diaper. I did not proceed to taker her diaper off her while we were still outside, and notice that her entire body was actually covered with dirt and not get my camera out to take a picture because I was rushing to get her into the shower. How on earth did I fail to get a picture of this?!! Oh well, I'm sure it will happen again sometime.

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