Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday's Child Part 2

There are a few things that I forgot to add to Samantha's Monday's child post yesterday. I'm adding them now so that I don't forget about them since this was all supposed to be published about a week ago already.

She didn't want me when she hurt herself just as I arrived at the babysitter's house. My kisses didn't make her head feel better when she bumped it. She wanted Mrs Nancy instead. This breaks my heart. And it also makes me even more grateful for two things. One that she has a wonderful babysitter who loves her and who she loves. And two...that I will be staying home with her very soon!


One day when I arrived to pick her up, she was very excited to see me and told me she is ready to go home. Then she said Memaw at home. No baby, remember, Memaw told you bye-bye this morning. She went back to her home. Daddy home! No baby, Daddy is still at work, he will be home in a couple more days. Don't want home. So she started playing with the toys again.

She seems to think that if she doesn't say good-bye, the person will not leave. She does this sometimes in the mornings when I am dropping her off. She refuses to give me a hug or kiss, then tells me "Don't want Mommy work" Nancy tells me that she does this when the other kids are leaving, too, apparantly hoping that they will stay to play if she doesn't say good-bye. Then when they are starting out the door, she runs to give them a hug before they actually go. She also did this as Brent was leaving on Monday evening. You would think that she would figure out that it doesn't change things...but not so far.

The conversation when I was putting her to bed on Monday night:
Me: Goodnight sweetheart, I love you. Sweet dreams.
S: Don't bedtime bite.
Me: Don't let the bedbugs bite?
S: Yes. (big grin)