Saturday, July 17, 2010

7 Months

Another month has come and gone with our sweet baby boy. He is definitely NOT little, though! He weighed 19 lbs 15 oz on 6/28/10.

Jacob wears 12 month clothes now...and a few things in 18 month. Many of his 12 month one piece clothes are almost too short, so we will probably be moving to more 18 month clothes before too much longer.

We still have some issues with eczema, but it is mostly on his cheeks now, and comes and goes. Hopefully it will continue to get better as we get closer to his being a year old.

He is a very social baby. He will happily play on the long as someone is close enough for him to see and make eye contact with every few minutes. But he is definitely happiest when someone is actually talking to him or playing with him.

Jacob has had a couple of firsts this past month...he got his first tooth on 6/12/10, he sat himself up for the first time on 6/14/10, he got his second tooth on 6/22/10 and he started crawling on 7/6/10.

He finally figured out the whole eating solids thing, so now, in addition to the rice cereal he has been getting for the last couple of months, he also has had green beans, peas, squash, oatmeal, prunes, carrots and biter biscuits. This boy LOVES to eat...and he really loves to feed himself the biter biscuits. He will finish one in no time flat.

He is almost always very happy and content, but in the last few days he has been very clingy to his Mommy. Even Daddy holding him is not good enough for has to be Mommy. Sigh...I suppose I should be grateful that he wants to be held by Mommy. After all, I am often asking his sister to snuggle with me and just hear "Not 'ight now. I playing." (In fact, she just woke up and came in here right after I typed that. I asked her if she wants to sit in my lap and she said "No. I play" and ran off to play.) I know that Jacob will be doing the same thing in a very short time and I should be grateful for all the Mommy time he wants right now...and most of the time, I am. Sometimes, I just would like a little break, though. Like a chance to brush my teeth without listening to a screaming baby ;)

This picture just cracks me up. What do you think? Is he the next baby model or what?