Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday's Child - Life According to Samantha

Samantha has all kinds of interesting ways of seeing the world. I thought I would share some of her references with you...and make sure that I can remember them later, too.

Her own special name for Benjamin. I think it's so cute, that I may just start calling him Benjin, myself, so that the adorable way of saying it is perpetuated. His mom already refers to him as Benjin anytime she is talking to Samantha, so why shouldn't I, too?

"My baby Ja-bub"
She is definitely possessive of her brother. We frequently hear her state (very strongly, I might add) "Him MY baby Ja-bub!" Then we have to remind her that yes, he is her baby brother, but he is also Mommy and Daddy's baby.

"Mine 'oggy boots"
Absolutely necessary for walking around in the country. I didn't tell her that we were looking for boots for her when we went to the store, but as soon as we got to the shoe section, she saw these and yelled "Mine 'oggy boots!" So I told her that as long as they had them in her size, we would get them. She was SOOO happy that they did have them in her size. It is never a problem to get her to put them on...but we do have to work on getting her to leave them on the entire time she is outside rather than taking them off somewhere and walking back to the house barefoot. I guess she does take after me sometimes :)

"Foot flops"
Great for anytime the froggy boots are too long as she manages to get them on the right feet.

"I making him happy, Mommy" looks to me like you are making him cry more rather than less...but at least you are trying to help him feel better.

"Yucky charms"
One of her favorite snacks for anytime of the day or night.

" Mine willy, willy 'ig bed."
As opposed to her "'ig bed" which is the toddler bed, or Jacob's crib which is the "baby bed."

"I read story, you say words."
Translation: I will choose the story, hold the book and turn the pages, but you must sit beside me and read the words to me. You can see the somewhat pouty face that was a result of Benjin holding the book and turning the pages. Sometimes she refuses to stay for the story unless she is the one holding the book, but this time she wanted a story badly enough that she settled for staying to listen and just pouted a bit.