Friday, March 4, 2011

Pictures of the Week

What a sweet sight for me to find when I walked into the living room after washing the 2 children sitting sweetly together in the chair reading their books.
And then Jacob decided to see what his book tastes like.
And Samantha, being the (bossy) big sister that she is, took the book from out of his mouth and told him "No, no Jacob. We don't eat books!"

I finally made a tutu for Samantha. I have had the tulle for months, and found the directions for a no sew tutu, but never got around to getting it done, so this week, I did. I had NO IDEA it would be so big and fluffy! How did 2 little rolls of tulle turn into so much volume?! And where on earth are we supposed to store this thing now? Maybe I should stick to sewn, gathered tutus, I think I might have a little more control over the size then. At least Samantha LOVES her new "princess skirt" :)

And Jacob LOVES him some spaghetti. I put a bunch on his plate, turned around and it was GONE! Brent figured he had dropped it all into his bib, but no, he just inhaled it...and wanted more.

Apparently it is not safe to even take a bathroom break with this 1 year old in the house. He managed to find a crayon, eat part of it and spread wet, blue crayon goo all around the house in 2 minutes or less.

And of course, Samantha, who spreads food and everything she finds all over her body, spread the wet, blue crayon goo on her body, too. (You can just barely see a little on the lower part of her right cheek in this picture.)