Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Samantha has been driving me crazy lately. She has been SOOOOOO sneaky about all kinds of things. At first it was taking things off my nightstand or off Brent's nightstand, like chapstick or a flashlight or whatever else caught her eye. So I made our room off limits unless I am with her.

But in the last few days, the sneakiness has escalated dramatically, and for the most part, it now involves food. I could understand why she snuck into her room and hid with the bag of candy...I told her that she couldn't have it until after lunch, so she knew she wasn't supposed to be doing that. But why would she sneak her PB and J sandwich off the table while my back was turned and hide behind a chair to eat it? Not once, but twice! I told her that she could eat it, she just needed to be at the table. And even after that, she still snuck off with it.

I don't really think it is about the food at all...especially since we say yes to her anytime she wants to eat (she's too skinny and doesn't eat enough to not say yes to her wanting to eat!) So, since I don't think it's actually about the food, that must mean that it's completely about the sneakiness and secretiveness. And that worries me. Is this something that is just a normal 3 year old thing, or is this an indication of her personality? And how on earth do you train this out of a child?!


Khristy said...

Normal. It's a phase. Kids in general have so little real control of their lives that it often manifests in things like this. I personally would ignore it as much as possible. Stick to your rules, ie. eating at the table, but when possible, ignore. It may well lose its allure then. MHO, of course!