Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Vocabulary

Samantha has learned a new word thanks to the Williams family and Ross King. You see, for Christmas from Emma and Amelia, she received a CD titled "Rhymes with Orange" no wait...that's what she calls is actually called "Words that Rhyme with Orange" and it is a great CD. It is full of energetic songs and Samantha loves dancing and singing along. She requests this CD more than any other. And I really like it, too.

The first time we listened to it, Brent and I decided that Ross King must have been hiding in our house, observing our life, in order to write the lyrics for many of his songs. So many of the songs seem to fit Samantha, but one fits her particularly well. Which song you ask? It is "If I Wasn't So Cute" You can see Samantha singing part of it here.

In case you can't understand her, she is singing "If I wasn't so cute, I'd drive mama crazy. I know she loves me but sometimes I can be a toot. Look at my face, it saves me. I'd drive her crazy if I wasn't so cute."
The actual words are the same other than "Look at my face, it's the only thing that saves me."

The new vocabulary comes in later in the CD, though. She has learned to say booger. Yes, that's right, there is a song about a booger on this CD. And Samantha eagerly and excitedly shouts out "It's booger!" when we get to that song on the CD. So now we get to hear talk of boogers and songs about a booger when she didn't even know the word until just a couple months ago. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

(OK, but seriously, we love the CD, and even the booger song is pretty cute.)