Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gardening Itch {or...How I am singlehandedly responsible for us getting a contract on our house}

Apparently gardening is my blood, because when we had a warm day at the end of January, I just couldn't stand it any longer. I had to get my hands dirty. I had to get ready to grow something. So I started making a flowerbed beside the new deck that Dad, Charles, Mom, Ginger and Brent built for us. When Brent got home that afternoon, while I was still working, he asked what I was doing...and I looked up, grinning, and told him, "I am ensuring that our house sells quickly." Meaning that I am settling in more, assuming that we will be here for a while, and that, more than anything, means that it will be likely for our house to sell.

The weather started getting yucky and cold, so I wasn't able to finish the flower bed...or even work on it for several weeks. But last week, we received, and accepted an offer on our house. Woohoo! And the next day, I went out and finished the rock. Now I just have to fill it with good soil and plant something...that, hopefully, the deer won't eat. But, I definitely insist that I am singlehandedly responsible for our house being under contract ;)