Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday's Child - With a Spoon

Samantha has been asking to watch "movies wif me and Jacob" lately, meaning she wants to see the videos we have taken. We recently watched the one of her chocolate pudding incident, and I remembered, as I saw the spoon on her high chair tray, that she was using a spoon, not always wonderfully, but definitely on her own, at 15 months. And I also realized that Jacob has NEVER used a spoon at all...and he is 14 months.

Of course, he doesn't insist that I allow him to use the spoon as Samantha did. He does not seem to have the independent streak that she did (and still does.) I'm not sure if that is good, bad, or just different, but no matter what the answer, it is still different.

So anyway...I decided that I should start giving Jacob a spoon and an opportunity to start trying to use it. Well, since we had broccoli/potato/cheese soup last night (which he LOVED, by the way), I decided that it would be a good night for him to try on his own. I handed him a spoon and a small bowl. Then I left his larger bowl and a spoon for on the table so that I could also feed him. I had to get up from the table for a few minutes at one point, and when I turned back, Samantha had given him his ENTIRE BIG bowl of soup from the table and this is what I found.


Collin said...

Awesome! He has such enthusiasm for the meal. =) I so admire your willingness to let him learn!