Friday, February 11, 2011

Jacob - 14 months

Jacob is 14 months old today. He is growing and changing so much, that there are days I look at him and think...he's turning into such a big boy...he's not a baby any more. Of course he will ALWAYS be MY baby :)

Jacob has 11 teeth now and his 4th 1st year molar looks like it will come in any day. Of course, I've been saying that for at least 2 weeks, so we'll see. He weighs 26 lbs and wears size 4 diapers. He wears 18 and 24 month shirts, 24 month one piece outfits and has just begun wearing 18 month pants. His PJ's are 2T and 3T...the same sizes that Samantha is wearing!!!

He still takes 2 naps of 1 to 1.5 hours each and he generally sleeps from 7:30pm-7:30am, with one waking sometime between 4 and 6am during which he nurses, then goes back to sleep. He eats almost all regular food, the exceptions being some of the baby and toddler snacks such as yogurt melts and banana cookies. He eats EVERYTHING and loves it all, but some of the foods he gets very excited about are broccoli, peas and waffles. He has not started using a spoon on his own yet, he hasn't asked to do so, so I haven't really thought about it, but I think that I will start having him try that fairly soon.

We have been working on partially weaning, and now he is down to only nursing twice a day...before bed and early in the morning. Although, if he wakes up during the night, he usually nurses then, too, but he is not nursing in the daytime hours.

He doesn't talk a lot but he does say: up, Mama, Dada, puppy...and possibly dog, although I'm not sure about that one. Even with just making sounds, he is much less vocal than Samantha was at his age. But when he does have something to say, he gives it all he's got and everyone around hears it. He is still a very smiley baby, but doesn't laugh a lot. When he does laugh, it is usually for Daddy, occasionally for me, and it is the most precious sound! And Brent can REALLY get him going with a fit of giggles. Samantha is good at getting him to laugh in the car and they are so sweet to listen too...they just make me smile and smile.

He signs milk, more, eat, all done and book. He waves bye-bye, blows kisses and gives kisses and high fives.

He has gotten to a point that he loves books. He will sit and read them by himself for quite some time...and he will bring one to me, put it in my lap and then tell me up so that he can sit in my lap and have me read to him.

Jacob is just about the fastest crawler i have ever seen. And he cruises all over the place. He is not, however, walking yet. My opinion is that he is perfectly capable of it, he just isn't sure enough of himself yet. Samantha was the same way, she was capable of walking for months before she actually walked, and the first day that she walked, she just took off...I have a feeling Jacob will do the same thing.

He is also quite the monkey boy. One day I went into the kids room and found him up on Samantha's bed. He had pushed a box of blocks to her toybox, then used the box to climb onto the toybox and the toybox to climb onto her bed. Thankfully, after a few tumbles, he has now learned how to get down from her bed safely, least most of the time. He also pushes Samantha's stool over to the kitchen counters and climbs up onto the stool to see onto the counter, or to get things off the counter. What is amazing about this was that when I took Samantha for her 3 year check up, one of the development questions was: Does she use objects to get to other objects?...and gave the example of pushing a stool over to get something that is too high...and my 14 month old is doing this already! He does not know how to get down from the stool, though, instead he just cries until I lift him off.

Not everything about Jacob is sweetness and smiles, though. He is definitely working on perfecting the art of the temper tantrum...usually just when he thinks that he needs to be held or he is very tired or very hungry. And of course he does have the best temper tantrum thower to learn from, so it should come as no surprise that he is trying this form of communication out for himself. We do a lot of ignoring screaming at our house lately. I am hopeful that it will stop soon, though, at least with Jacob. And I am grateful that his tantrums are fewer than Samantha's have been in the past.

He is such a sweet boy, and it is fun to watch him grow and change almost daily. We are so grateful for the gift of Jacob in our life!

This wasn't Jacob's first snow day, (that happened on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when he was only 2 weeks old) but it was the first time that I took him out in the snow. Of course, he didn't stay out for long, just long enough for a few pictures, then he went to play with Aunt Ginger while I stayed outside with Samantha :) Thank you, Aunt Ginger!!!

The hazards of being the younger brother of a have to deal with lots of pink things. A pink pony, pink bibs...Brent did draw the line at having him wear Samantha's pink pajamas, though!