Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stinky Market

Ugh. What a horrible time for us to be trying to sell our house. The housing market in our old area is great...if you are a buyer. For a seller, it is just plain awful. We have had one single person look at our house in the 45 days it has been on the market.

Our realtor sent Brent an email about what other houses have been doing in the area, and let me tell you, the high number of foreclosures has REALLY hurt us. The only houses that have sold recently have sold for about 25-30K less than what we paid for ours. Yes, they were foreclosures and were mostly in terrible shape. But it doesn't matter, they were about the same size as our house, in the same area. Definitely not good.

We were hoping that the house would sell quickly and we could move on with finding our own place in our new town. It doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon. We may even have to consider leasing the house out rather than selling it...because we definitely can't take the kind of hit that we would if we sold the house for less than what we paid.


We know that God has been taking care of us...He has proven that through so many things that have happened in the last several years. We trust that he will take care of us through this, as well. I'm just not so great at waiting. But I am praying and hopefully that will help me get better at waiting.