Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Naptime Activities

What Samantha and I did while Jacob was napping:

The other day, Samantha and I did some crafting while Jacob was napping. Since we were using small parts and we have a tendency to drop them on the floor, we only get to do these things while he is asleep. Samantha glued pomopoms onto construction paper and used many letter stickers and adhesive gems. Then her favorite part was taking the letter stickers out of the tub and putting them and the gems into the tub. That kept her more occupied than the actual crafting!

I made a snail out of pompoms and then Samantha asked me to make a butterfly and a dragonfly, so I made the attempt. She was happy with them, so that is what matters, right?

I also got out our origami books and papers and made a flower pot and flowers. I'm not the only one who was daughter was too.

What I did while Jacob was screaming:
That afternoon, Jacob didn't fall asleep while he was nursing before his naptime. This was the first time he didn't, so I decided it was a good day for him to fall asleep on his own. Samantha actually managed to fall asleep in the same room as the screaming baby. I got the origami out again so that I would have something to concentrate on other than the baby who screamed for 45 minutes straight.

I think I could make a flying crane with my eyes closed after making this entire flock of them.

And belive it or not, this little kalediscope toy was much harder to make than the cranes.

Finally, the hardest item of all...a heart locket. This is nearly as big as the palm of my hand. I cannot even begin to imagine making one small enough to actually be used as a locket. That would take some serious skills!

I wonder what other things we will find to do as Jacob is learning to put himself to sleep.