Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adventures in Parenting - A Lesson

Last night, Samantha was stalling about going to bed. Just like normal. So after she had been in bed for nearly an hour, she got out and came running to the bathroom where I was and told me that she had to go potty. She hasn't gone on the potty in at least a week, so this was great news. (Well, other than the fact that she only decided that she would use the potty in order to stay out of bed, that is.)

Anyway, I took her diaper off and threw it away since it was just wet enough for me to decide not to put it back on her. She did use the potty and then pulled her PJ pants back up for the walk to her room to get a diaper. I sent her to Daddy and told her to ask him to get her a clean diaper while I finished up in the bathroom.

I hear her ask him, I heard him talk to her about it, and she was back in her bed before I was finished in the bathroom. I went to bed, and eventually, Samantha fell asleep, too.

This morning, Samantha came into my room and asked if she could get into Jacob's bed. I told her that she could, as long as she did not put his paci in her mouth (which she has been doing quite frequently lately) She said ok and went running back to her room.

A little while later, she started crying, so I went to see what was wrong. She was stuck straddling the crib rail, so I lifted her down. And noticed that she was soaking wet! So I told her to take her PJ pants off while I got a clean diaper out for her. She did, and I discovered that she did not have a diaper on. Lovely! I asked her where her diaper was, because obviously, I don't want a used diaper just lying around my house, especially since my son is fascinated with putting EVERYTHING, even diapers, in his mouth. I also asked why she took her diaper off.

She didn't have an answer for me. Finally it occurred to me. Did she even have a diaper on at all last night? So I called Brent and asked. He told me that he checked her diaper and it wasn't wet. I told her that was not possible. That I had taken her diaper off and thrown it away and THEN she asked him for a clean diaper. He said that he felt through her pajama bottoms, didn't feel the squishiness of a wet diaper and sent her to bed. my not-anywhere-close-to-potty-trained child slept all night in her bed WITHOUT a diaper.

I guess I better go so I can get all the laundry done. It is filling the bathroom as we speak. And while I'm at it, I better check everything in Jacob's bed, since she was in there, too. We definitely wont' have time to drive to Waco today...maybe tomorrow. Oh, that's perfect anyway, because tomorrow is the Just Between Friends sale there and maybe I can get some Christmas shopping done :)