Monday, September 27, 2010

Not Me - Helping

In the last week there are several things that I certainly DID NOT do...or would not admit to doing...unless I were asked point blank. For example, I did not allow the 2 year old to watch a movie just so I could get the floor mopped with out her "assistance." No way, I would welcome a chance for extra time with my daughter...especially if it meant she would be learning about things that need doing in the house. And it would not matter in the least that the job would take twice as long as usual. I would certainly not be satisfied with her only helping to sweep and empty the dustpan (with most of the dirt falling right back onto the floor, I might add.)

And along those lines, I certainly do not secretly dread hearing the toddler sweetly say "Mommy may I help?" as I am washing dishes or cooking. And I would not be secretly glad when I could say, "I'm sorry sweetie, I just finished." No way! I am the type of mom who always wants to encourage her children to be matter how long it takes!

I would not ignore my children playing in their room together as I hear the 2 year old telling the baby. "No no J-bub! You need to lay down! You are in time out!" No, I would most certainly go check on them, even if there were no tears involved from the baby. After all, I am a caring, concerned mom. And I might not intervene, but I would certainly survey the situation.

And finally, I do not think that I am learning what mastitis feels like. No way...that would not happen for the first time when my second child is almost 10 months old. (this one is me being in total denial, and hoping that the hot washcloth and ibuprofen fix it.)