Monday, October 20, 2008


I know of someone who had their twin girls at 25 weeks gestation. For those who don't know, that is slightly more than halfway through a nine month pregnancy, so those baby girls were tiny and very fragile. The parents kept a care page and at the end of every post, they wrote, "We praise God for 2 more days with our little girls (that makes 16 and 17)" The only thing that changed at the end of each of their posts was the number of days. And they continued counting all the way , with the number of days on one post being as high as 118. In their final post after the girls were both home, they expressed gratitude for poopy diapers, sleepless nights and spitup stains on their favorite clothes. These parents knew that to get through the tough times, they must be grateful for what God gave them, one day at a time, even when they were surely struggling with wondering what the next day would bring.

How humbling that even this situation, these parents praised God for everything he gave them. I struggle with "why me" when there are far less serious struggles in my life. So I have been thinking about this for a while, that I need to be grateful for what God brings me each day. I have started trying to do that at the end of each of Samantha's monthly updates. Then I read a friend's blog (Angela, I will be happy to put a link in if you tell me how) the other day and she challenged everyone who read all the way through the post to post their own "sparklies" or good news tidbits, so I decided that rather than just thinking about it, I need to start practicing gratitude every day, starting today. So hear are my sparklies for today:
1. Samantha didn't get sick after both Brent and I were sick last week.
2. We got to see my sister on Friday night and we got to go bowling with her. For free, in a smoke free place.
3. Kathy brought a jogging stroller with her to loan to me, so I can now go on a walk with Samantha and Cori even when Brent doesn't want to go.
4. The weather has been beautiful the last few days! (great for going on walks :))
5. Samantha's sleepless nights are because she is growing, developing and teething, and those all point to a healthy baby!
6. Even though the pediatrician is somewhat concerned about Samantha's low weight gain lately, she said that we don't have to come back for a weight check, so our next appointment with Dr Ramirez isn't until Samantha's one year check up.

Now it is your turn...what are the good news tidbits in your day?


The Robinsons said...

Christy-thanks for sharing your "sparklies". The more blessings I read about, the more encouraged I am. Hope you have a great week!