Friday, October 3, 2008

Award time

Is there an opposite of hypochondriac? If so that's apparently the type of mom I am this week. In fact I should get an award for it. But let me start at the beginning rather than the end... First look at the picture. Look very closely.

Yep, Samantha got her first booboo today. She fell at the babysitters house and got a big bump on her forehead and scraped up her nose. The red nose is not from crying, that is the scrape on it. And if you look very closely at the upper left part of her forhead, you will see a long rectangular bruise. It's hard to see in the picture, but boy is it obvious in person. And it has a big bump on the far left side of it.

I called the doctor's office to see if I should bring her in and the nurse said that I should since she has a bump on her forehead. When we got to the doctor's office, Nurse Sharon took one look at her and said "Daddy's not gonna be happy!" I couldn't help but agree.

Anyway, Dr. Ramirez came in and examined her and said that she didn't think the head stuff was anything to worry about. However, she asked me about her runny nose, is she coughing, etc. I told her how we have been doing the last several days (not well at all!!!!) and that I think it is just allergies since both Brent and I are have bigtime allergy problems right now and since Samantha is only coughing at night. She decided to do an RSV swab. She was almost completely certain that it would come back positive. And she told me that Samantha has a double ear infection. And she teasingly told me "She has to throw herself off the couch to get you to bring her in for her ear infections, huh?"

In just two short months, I have gone from the mom who took her baby to the doctor only to hear "She's teething and she is absolutely fine" to the mom doesn't take the baby to the doctor when she has a double ear infection and a massive cold.

Really, I thought it was just allergies. And she only had a fever for a couple of hours one evening and it went away on its own! And she never acted like her ears were bothering her. How was I to know?

The good news is that Samantha does NOT have RSV. Dr. Ramirez thinks that she has been unable to get over the cold because of the ear infections, and that since we are now starting antibiotics, the ears should clear up and we should see a vast improvement in the cold in a few days. Then maybe we will all get some sleep again.

And hopefully I will figure out some good middle ground on when to go to the doctor.