Tuesday, October 7, 2008

9 months ?!!!

It hardly seems possible that nine months have passed since Dr. Levy asked, "What do you think about having the baby tonight?" and I vehemently told him "NO!" Yet it really has been that long already.

In the last month, Samantha started doing an army crawl. The first time was on 9/25/08. She will crawl for a few minutes, but then give up and roll since she can do that so much faster. She has signed "more" (at least I think that is what she is doing, the first time was on 10/4/08) and on her nine month birthday (10/7/08) she started waving bye-bye. She has a little bit of stranger anxiety, but quickly gets over it after being held by Mommy or Daddy for a few minutes in the "stranger's" presence.

Her hair has started growing a bit, so she now has enough on the top of her head to wear a bow clip. She still only has two teeth, and I have given up on guessing when she will get the next one.

She babbles almost constantly, with her most common "words" being aba, baba, dada, and (once in a long while) mama. I know she is just making sounds right now, but I still love to hear her say mama and dada. She now blows rasberries with her tongue as well as with her lips, and she has the cutest giggle! And we get to hear it every day since she is such a happy girl. This month also saw her get her first booboo on 10/3/08. It even warranted a trip to the doctor's office, but luckily, the doctor said it was all fine.

She has two comfort items, her pink lamb and her pink fuzzy blankie. She does have stuffed animals that are other colors, really! These are just the ones she chose all by herself! These are very necessary items for sleeping. She will always have one in her arms to go to sleep, and I will often look in her room to see her laying on top of both of them, sound asleep. I seriously need to get another of each so that I have a longer window of time for throwing them in the wash. Especially since they both get spit up on at least every other day. About the time that she decided she likes these so much, she stopped needing her paci, so she has not had a paci in nearly a month. Yeah! I'm so glad it was painless getting rid of it!

Samantha has a new favorite food - yogurt melts. They are really cool - just drops of freeze dried yogurt that melt in your mouth. She can sometimes feed herself the yogurt melts and her puffy stars, but not always. She loves to hold her spoon, and is very good at getting it into her mouth, but not always the right end! She can eat stage 3 breakfast foods, but the dinners still have too many chunks for her. She tends to not chew enough and then she gags herself. Not fun when this happens!

She is still wearing mostly 0-3 month clothes, but can manage to fit into some 3-6 month. The length is great, but the pants are usually HUGE around her waist. In fact, the pants that fit her best are still newborn size, but the length makes them more like long shorts.

Her nose is healing quickly, and I am hoping that it will be good enough by the weekend that her nine month pictures won't look too bad. We'll see.

We are so grateful for one more month with our sweet little girl and look forward to what the next month brings.