Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Fun

Our church had our annual Fall Festival last night. Normally we have the festival on a Sunday after worship services in the morning, but this year it was on Saturday afternoon with an Acappella concert afterward. We LOVED having it on Saturday and we hope that this is a new tradition.

So all the kids come dressed in their halloween costumes and get to play lots of games. Over Brent's strenuous objections, Samantha did dress up. She came as a dalmation. Yes, that is a dalmation costume, not a cow and not a cat! I realize that her whiskers are somewhat crooked, but have you ever tried drawing whiskers on a baby who hates to hold still?! I think I did great, considering!

Brent came out dressed as a mountain biker (big stretch there) so I decided that even though I was not planning on it, I would also dress up. I couldn't be the only member of my family not in costume! Thankfully, I had all the stuff from my gypsy costume that I wore a couple of years ago. I just had to look at the pictures first to remember what was part of it. It was fun and the few other adults who dressed up were glad to have some comapny.

The Maddox's brought out hale bales for our photo booth and our class brought mums and pumpkins for decorations. I thought we would have the cutest pictures since I found a couple of very small pie pumpkins and a few gourds. My thought was that Samantha would pick them up, just like she does everything she sees, and probably try to put one in her mouth. I'm thinking that this would be a great picture. But, as in most things, she had a different idea. You can see her saying, "Forget the pumpkin, Mom, I just want to eat some hay!" Apparantly I should have remembered to tell HER that she was a puppy, not a cow, and that puppies don't eat hay.

Of course many friends were there with us and we had a great time.

Glenn, Susan and Ava (who was dressed at Toto)

Hannah (as Dorothy)

Shawnya and Ryley

The Maddox's also brought a tractor and gave hay rides to all.

And I have no idea who this little flower fairy is, but she was so cute that I couldn't resist showing you.

Happy Halloween!


loree2000 said...

Christy, so good to see your blog! Your little one is so darling!! Glad she is gaining weight. What a worry!