Saturday, January 1, 2011

Word of the Year

After reading a couple of blogs the other night, in which they were talking about praying for a word for the year 2011, I was thinking that is a pretty cool practice. To think and pray and meditate AHEAD of time, to ask God for a focus for the coming year. Not looking back and summarizing, but really looking ahead and planning to work on something that the Lord has revealed to you.

Although I thought this was very neat, I really had no intention of doing this myself. Not that I thought I didn't need to do it, I just didn't think about it at all. But for some reason, I kept thinking about some of the other words that people had for their, cultivate, discernment, contentment.

And all of a sudden I heard it.


What? I wasn't trying to think of a word. Why did that just pop into my head?

I moved on to thinking of something else. And I heard it again.


Are you telling me something God? Do you have a word for 2011 for me? Restraint? What is that about?

I began considering the word. And the longer I thought, the more I prayed, asking if God is giving me guidance here. And I became more and more sure that this is my message from Him.

There are so many ways that I need to practice how I deal with my children, in how I deal with my husband, in what I say and in how I act. In keeping more patience. In what I share about my family outside of my family. In spending money. In spending my time. I could go on and on. And perhaps I will as the year goes on and I learn more about what God has to teach me about restraint.