Monday, January 10, 2011

Laptop or not?

Brent is talking about getting one (he says that he wants me off "his" computer), but I am not so sure. This kind of surprises me because we have considered the idea before. And at one point I really did want a laptop. To tell you the truth, I still would like to get one, but I am not so sure it is the best idea.

Yes, it would be very nice if Brent and I could work or play on the computer at the same time. No more having to wait and take turns. In theory, we would both be doing our thing at the same time, and then we would have time together after we finished. Which would be more together time than when one of us gets on the computer after the other. I'm not convinced it would work that way, though.

And I could blog while children are awake by going into the living room rather than my bedroom. But is that really such a good thing?

I am afraid of being one of those families who are so busy on the computer that they don't spend time together even though they are in the same room. I don't know if I would show enough restraint to still be on the floor playing with and reading with my kids (at least not as much as I do now) if there were a computer in the room. A computer that I could be using to chat with my friends or play games or write things on my blog or find new recipes.

Maybe it is better to limit my computer time to when the kids are sleeping and then I don't have to worry about it. I don't know what we will end up doing, but hopefully, we really take the time to think the decision through, either way.


SassyIfLady said...

Go for the lap top - it's so handy in so many ways. You won't lose family time! It's so convenient!