Monday, October 25, 2010

Not My Husband and Not My Child

When Brent got home the other day, Samantha was not so excited that she ran outside to greet him wearing only her diaper.

And Brent did not respond to her pleas to stay outside by telling her that she had to at least wear shoes.

And Samantha did not proceed to put on her froggy boots and then play outside with only a diaper on.

And she did not get covered head to toe (and especially all over her hiney) with a very fine dirt that just sticks and sticks.

And she did not proceed to take her boots back off as soon as she got close to the sandbox, then leave them there while she ran around the yard again.

And she was not so dirty when she came inside that I had to give her a shower before she could even eat dinner. And when I took her diaper off to put her in the shower, I did not find dirt and sand all inside it.

No way! This would never happen in our very well mannered family. Ha!


Deb said...

Hehe! This could NOT be the cutest thing ever! ;)